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No evidence to date of a “Dune 7” Outline

NO PROOF. OK, let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning:

There is absolutely no publicly available evidence that a “Dune 7” outline created by Frank Herbert exists or was found or used by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert in the writing of Hunters of Dune and Sandworms of Dune.

I’m sorry, but images of a couple of floppy disks (here and here) purportedly found in a couple of safety deposit boxes do not constitute evidence. “Evidence” of that sort would not be accepted without some sort of corroboration in a court of law, so why in the world should they be acceptable in the court of public opinion?!

Mind you, I am not saying that the people making the claims are lying or anything of that sort. Only that they have thus far failed to provide any convincing evidence to back up their claims.

Even granting that such floppies could have been used by Frank Herbert and placed by him in a safety deposit box, mere photographic images of the floppies uploaded to a website provide no evidence whatsoever as to the contents. If the Herbert Family and Kevin J. Anderson are really serious about having the public believe their claims, they are going to have to provide a lot more than they have to date.

WHAT IS NEEDED. For me to believe the claims that (1) Frank Herbert (used and) placed the floppy disks in the safety deposit box, that (2) an estate lawyer found the boxes many years later in the 1990s, soon after Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson began talking about working together, that (3) the floppies were still readable and contained an outline and notes pertaining to a “Dune 7” book that Frank Herbert was planning on writing just before his death, and that (4) they actually used the purported outline and notes in the composition of the two novels Hunters of Dune and Sandworms of Dune, I would need to see, at the very least:

  1. Paperwork (such as a contract) pertaining to the rental of the safety deposit boxes and/or a signed affidavit corroborating the paperwork and/or providing an account of the discovery of the boxes and how the savings and loan/bank personnel contacted the estate lawyer(s) or Brian Herbert
  2. A signed affidavit from the estate lawyer(s) (or someone at the same law firm) corroborating the account of the discovery of the safety deposit boxes and detailing the involvement of the law firm personnel
  3. A list of the names of all the files on both floppy disks, preferably with file creation and modification timestamps, and a description of the contents of such of the files as are relevant to the “Dune 7” book (see note 1 below)
  4. A print-out of the actual outline and notes files for comparison with the contents of the two books purportedly written based on them

Again, I am not accusing anyone involved of intentional falsehood, simply stating that I have yet to see sufficient evidence to convince me of the complete veracity of all aspects of their account. The burden of proof is theirs.

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  1. I assume that Brian Herbert had a professional retrieve the files, but admit that it may be possible that he still had his father’s computer on hand for use. If a professional was involved, a signed affidavit from that person concerning the list of filenames and contents of relevant files would also be required.