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Synopsis of Dune: The Butlerian Jihad

“This is really supposed to be Dune?!”

As I have posted several times elsewhere, this was the first McDune book I ever read. I soon lost count of the times I closed it just so I could check that the names “DUNE” and “HERBERT” really were on the front cover. Because I would not have believed it otherwise.

The one good thing about it is that it basically taught me everything I would ever need to know about any of the books written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson: they are poorly conceived, poorly researched, and poorly written. They are, in short, complete and absolute crap.

(Note: further commentary on this book and the series as a whole can be found here.)

Dune: The Butlerian Jihad cover, © Stephen Youll. Used without permission.

Shit No Matter How You Sniff It

(All page numbers refer to the TOR mass market paperback edition with the fugly purple and gold cover.)

  1. (1) Princess Irulan writes* ... of the rise of the “Titans”*, their subjugation of the Old Empire, their conflict with the free “League of Nobles”* and eventual defeat by their own accidental creation, the machine intelligence Omnius*, one thousand years before the events of the main story.
  2. (5) The Titan general Agamemnon leads a machine fleet against Salusa Secundus, the capital world of the League of Nobles.
  3. (10) Introduction of Tercero Xavier Harkonnen*, among the defenders on Salusa Secundus.
  4. (14) Serena Butler* addresses the League of Nobles assembly in the Hall of Parliament, speaking out (again) against the practice of human slavery. She is interrupted by the machine attack.
  5. (20) Cymek ships penetrate gel-circuitry machine-brain-destroying shields around SS. Harkonnen ordered into field for surveillance; promoted to head of planetary militia by destruction of HQ. Harkonnen realizes that he must prevent the cymeks from taking out the shield generators.
  6. (27) Introduction of Erasmus mincing around in his lavish villa on planet Corrin*. Has dinner while conversing with Omnius, kills his chef for dropping a serving knife on his foot.
  7. (35) Salusan defenders rally around Zimia shield transmitters, beat back cymek forces, who eventually retreat. Harkonnen’s lungs damaged by toxic gas.
  8. (43) Planet Arrakis: orphan Selim is unjustly cast out from his Zensunni community for a crime he did not commit. When a worm comes for him, he manages to jump onto its back and becomes the first wormrider!
  9. (50) The main cymeks escape from the retreating machine fleet for a secret rendezvous on a small planetoid near a red dwarf, in order to plot against Omnius. Introduction of as-yet-unnamed Titans* and mention of Agamemnon’s human son Vorian.
  10. (57) Introduction of privileged trustee human Vorian Atreides* and autonomous robot Seurat aboard the Omnius update ship Dream Voyager, on its way back to Earth after completing its run.

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