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Suggestions for additional “Heroes” books...

Why stop at just four books?!

Brian Herbert may not have many books left in him, but Kevin J. Anderson is so full of shit that he could keep on writing crap books forever. And since there are any number of Herbert/Merritts waiting in the wings for Daddy/Uncle/Grampa Brian to bite the Big One, the potential is there for a never-ending series of ever-worsening books with “DUNE” smeared across their covers. All suggestions by Lundse, except where otherwise noted.

Used without permission.

The Naib of Dune to Stilgar of Dune

Slaughtering Sardukars and Harkonnens, and "musing" about Paul's rise to power back home. Also, disabling an Ixian no-globe-shielded-pseudo-ultra-KH-clone with some help from mysterious Muadru writings and a timely intervention from an oracle who never gives her name.

The Knives of Dune to Jamis of Sietch Tabr of Dune

Flashbacks to slaughtering Harkonnens as a child, seeing visions of some bint who claims he must give up his life for Pauls sake. More flashbacks - his family is wiped out by Ixian intelligent serrated hunter-seeker-swarms dipped in burning, acidic poison. Meeting Paul before any other fremen and setting the whole thing up. More flashbacks, killing a Fenring-clone. Being carried into an alternate dimension by Norma. Flashback to how he met Harah. Meeting Harah in the afterlife, reminiscing on how they met in a word-for-word repetition of the previous chapter.

Harah of Paul's Lodgings of Sietch Tabr of Dune to the Concubines of Dune volume I / XX

Cleaning house, throwing babies at Sardukars, trying to poison Chani, trying to seduce Paul, pretending to befriend Chani, sleeping with a scarred, Baliset-playing smuggler on the side, sleeping with Norma the mysterious travller from the desert, trying to really befriend (!) Chani, serving spice-coffee, befriending Jessica, befriending Alia-the-child-who-speaks-but-is-as-retarded-as-anyone, really befriending (!) Jessica until she sees Gurney arrive at the Sietch, trying to poison Gurney, serving more coffee, trying to poison Jessica, befriending Alia who is now suddenly eerily adult in the entirely wrong sense (!!!!), running of to set off the atomics to blast the shield wall when she notices someone forgot the Ixian tachyon-Mr.-Fusion-ignition-cables and running back home so noone would notice, finishing up the Baron who was not really dead from the poison, saving Chani from a hyper-worm born from a mutant Tleilax-mother-of-all-gods-what-were-they-thinking-please-god-kill-us-now-Axolotl-tank.