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What happened to Throne of Dune

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The third volume of the “Heroes of Dune” series, The Throne of Dune (originally entitled Irulan of Dune), was suddenly cancelled, most likely due to the poor sales of the first two volumes, Paul of Dune and The Winds of Dune (originally entitled Jessica of Dune). Hack Kevin J. Anderson reported that the decision was made because he and purported co-author Brian Herbert wanted to return to the exciting period following the pre-prequel “Legends of Dune” series and start work on the “Great Schools of Dune” series.

Supposedly the last two Heroes books will be written and published after the completion of the Schools trilogy. We remain hopefully pessimistic regarding this possibility.

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No Throne of Dune? No. Not in the near future, at any rate. The Sisterhood of Dune, the first of the “Great Schools” trilogy and the next McDune book due out, will be released in early 2012 (according to the Dune Novels website and Byron Merritt on Facebook; but note that Amazon UK is giving a date of September 15, 2011). Since Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert are also now writing a “Hellhole” trilogy, they have said that they will only be releasing a new McDune book every other year. That gives the following schedule:

  1. 2012 The Sisterhood of Dune
  2. 2014 The Mentats of Dune
  3. 2016 The Swordmasters of Dune
  4. 2018 The Throne of Dune?

Considering that Brian Herbert will be 64 when Sisterhood comes out, and 70 in early 2018, it seems fairly unlikely that The Throne of Dune will ever see light, unless of course the Herberts & Anderson give up the probable fiction that Brian Herbert is really involved in the writing of the books, or nephew Brian Merritt takes over as the designated Frank Herbert heir involved in the fiasco.

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